Your Beautiful Eyes

This is an English self-translated excerpt from my novel, Malula. It’s spoken by the main character, Wijaya Kusuma, to his partner, Jennifer Frazer.




Sweetheart, I flew to heaven last night

In there, I saw  your beautiful eyes

I have returned to the earth just now

And I see heaven in your beautiful eyes




72 thoughts on “Your Beautiful Eyes

    • Hi Selasie,

      Of course I do. They’re wonderful! :-)

      And thank you for following my blog. I hope your visits here have been and will always be a joyful ride. :-)

      Subhan Zein

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  4. The eyes are the path to the soul. They mirror what our hearts are saying.
    There is no greater way to into the spirit of someone then through their eyes.
    They say so much…
    A beautifully poetic description.

    • Thank you again, The Blazing Trail! I appreciate your first comment as much as the second one! :-)

      Have a lovely weekend, my friend! :-)

      Subhan Zein

  5. It’s too bad that the spirit of love often ebbs in our current generation. It would be wonderful if after 40 years of married life he could repeat those words with conviction.

    • Hi Ian, yes, I guess your right, I find it peculiar that young people in Australia do not express this kind of stuff . So it was a bit difficult for me to write the novel, actually because the female character, Jennifer Frazer is an Aussie girl, born and bred. And if I am going to submit the novel to a larger publisher in Indonesia, I guess I should take this cross cultural issue into account to suit it nicely to the character and plot of the novel.

      And your second sentence is truly inspirational. It’s wisdom! Thank you, my friend! :-)

      Subhan Zein

  6. Short and sweet and most effective in expressing the joy of seeing all that perfect love in the beloved’s eyes. Wishing you all success with your new novel.

  7. Reading this, I could still remember their affection portrayed in the novel. Lovely!


      • Yes, Mas. It’s very good to learn many good things from the novel. I love how love (universal and personal) twists with a search for balance. That’s a strength and I’m proud of you! :)

  8. This is full of love and beauty Subhan…I need an English translation of your book–give them a rush job!! LOL

    • Ah, hahaha! Thank you very much, Jeannie! :-) I will nail an English publisher first and will tell them that Jeannie my friend wants to get the translation to be completed as soon as possible, I think they won’t mind, hehe.. :-)

      Have a wonderful day, my friend! :-)

      Subhan Zein

  9. Congratulations on the novel and all your great stories.
    I am sure that reap enormous successes along this life.
    An affectionate greeting.

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