* * Nasheva arrived in Cairo. She saw it as a densely populated city, a maze of streets bustling with life. Men with their long robes and turbans and women with their long dresses and headscarves consumed much of the space; all were hectic pursuing their own business. Itinerant vendors jammed both the narrow and … Continue reading


“I’m fabulous, I’m love”, you say. Stop there. You’re fabulous. True. You’re enlightened. True. For enlightenment begins  when you discover a diamond shines within you when you thought you only had pebbles. * But when you said, ‘I am fabulous, I am love’ is that confidence or vanity? * One who places themselves too high, … Continue reading

Poet’s Tongue

Poet’s Tongue

* * A poet’s tongue is sweet like sugar. But do not be mistaken. The sugarcane is in the heart. * Do you think poetry is difficult? No. The truth is you don’t need a PhD in Linguistics or Literature just to be a poet. All you need is love. A poet is not necessarily … Continue reading